Welsh Teen Siriol Teifi Inspired Into Action After Visit To Niger

A welsh teenager was so moved by her experience in visiting a Médecins Sans Frontières project in the world’s poorest country that she has set up an online account with justgiving.com so that people can finance the project.

18 year-old Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi sixth-former, Siriol Teifi visited Niger in February of 2007 to see for herself the situation 16 months after the terrible famine of Autumn 2005.

Back in November 2005, Siriol raised 2000 UK pounds for Christian Aid’s Niger appeal by fasting for a week at school.

Now Siriol has set up a web page and an online account with justgiving.com so visitors can make donations online toMédecins Sans Frontières with all the funds raised going to the Project in Maradi in the name of the people of Wales.

Click here to read more and donate to the cause: http://cymorthniger.com/ (Click the “English” link on the new page to read it in English.)