grant information 2024

Friends of Niger (FON) awards small grants to support projects that directly benefit the people of Niger.  Grant awards range between $500 and $5,000.  Funding for grants comes from donations of members and supporters of the Friends of Niger organization. Grant-making serves as a way to support development in Niger and to connect and engage our membership.

Applications for funding must be received by MAY 15, 2024. All eligible applications will compete for available funding, based on how well they score. NOTE: Only one grant review cycle is planned for 2024 at this time.

FON gives priority to projects that:

Address a locally identified need

Are feasible and likely to be successful

Benefit many people or at least more than just a small group

Have community support and contributions which can be in-kind contributions

Have a plan to sustain the benefits into the future

Build local capacity and leadership.

FON Will Not Fund:

Political advocacy including political campaigns or attempts to influence legislation in Niger;

Litigation activities;

Visa or other immigration requests that only benefit individuals

Debt relief for any organization

Projects that benefit only one individual or family

Projects with a religious objective.


Applications are welcomed from not-for-profit organizations, community associations, cooperatives, schools, and clinics.  Applications will not be accepted from individuals or organizations representing political parties, private businesses, or any entity that has outstanding obligations to FON including reports.  Applications from organizations on a terrorist watch list are not eligible for funding.

Application Submission

Applications may be submitted in English or French, and may be handwritten if they are legible.  Applicants are encouraged to write short, complete answers following the guidance for number of words in the application form.  Please remember Friends of Niger reviewers are familiar with conditions in Niger and are most interested in how funds will be used to improve the lives of Nigeriens.  Applications must include all requested information.




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