Peace Corps Suspends Program In Niger

Due to recent security concerns in Niger, the Peace Corps program has been suspended until further notice. All 96 Peace Corps volunteers in Niger are safe and accounted for. This notice from the Peace Corps web site has some more details.

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With similar concerns, Boston University has also suspended their Study Abroad program in Niger. It is not known when the program, which has been operating for some 20 years, will be resumed.

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A Note From Friends Of Niger

After nearly 49 years of continuous operation of Peace Corps in Niger, this is a sad and sobering moment that will affect many lives. One of our primary goals has always been to help out those in need in Niger, and the Peace Corps volunteers have always been critical in-country liaisons. We can only hope that conditions improve as quickly as possible so that we can continue our work with as little interruption as possible.

We, the Friends of Niger board, will be assessing how we can best continue to carry out our work, and will report to our members as soon as possible. As always, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.