New e-book: The Buduma Culture of Lake Chad

Niger RPCV Guy Immega has released a new e-book, Ancient Egypt’s Lost Legacy? The Buduma Culture of Lake Chad, featuring much detailed information about the culture of the very remote, eastern parts of Niger. Guy has generously shared his book with us as a PDF file, that you can download and read here (PDF, 7.2 MB).

Full URL:

You can also get a special version of the e-book on the Apple iBooks store. The e-book edition, designed for the Apple iPad, provides high resolution images, Buduma music files, and hyperlinks for $1.99. It may be the last (and only) record of the Buduma people who lived on Lake Chad.

Look for Guy’s other Peace Corps e-book, Smallpox, Slavery and Toubou Warriors, in the Apple iBook store.