Four Grants awarded

Friends of Niger is thrilled to announce funding for a new round of projects totaling approximately $16,250*.  Project selection was accomplished through our new, rigorous competitive process.  Many thanks to our “Friends of” group colleagues, including Nepal, Tanzania and Burkina, and the Portland OR RPCV group, who shared ideas and information about how they select and fund projects.  We cobbled together all the best ideas and we think our maiden voyage was a success.  We received 22 applications for funding from a variety of groups and a wide range of projects.  After sorting out 3 that did not meet basic eligibility criteria, a team of 12 volunteers reviewed and scored the remaining applications. Following lively debate and discussions, 4 applications were selected for funding.  Those that were not selected received feedback on what we liked about their proposals and how they might be more competitive next time.

Many thanks are also due to JoAnn Lewis and Alix Barstow Fedoruk who contributed lots of thoughtful, constructive input to the new process. And HIP HIP HOORAY for the review team members:  Mary Abrams, Ismaghil Ag Moussa, Steven Anderson, John Baird, Kimberly Dixon, Alix Barstow Fedoruk,  JoAnn Lewis, Dane Miller, Yari Rabiou, Cheryl Turner, Pamela White, and Amy Wilson.

*Please note $ amounts shown here reflect the amount requested in cfa and are approximated in dollars; actual amounts are dependent on exchange rates. 


Tchizamene Clinic Solar Batteries & Beds, Organisation Vie et Développement ~ $3,175

Organisation Vie et Développement demonstrated their cooperation in 2020 by implementing a FON small grant-funded emergency response project, providing medical supplies in the Agadez area.  This successful proposal will replace 12 year-old batteries for the solar array for the health clinic and purchase 10 beds and mattresses.  The clinic serves about 10,000 people in the Village of Tchizanmene, Commune of Dannat, Agadez Region.  There are two nurses, one midwife and her assistant at the clinic.  The batteries will improve capacity for refrigeration of essential medicines.

Bangiya Elementary School Desks, Bangiya Village Cooperative ~ $1,401

The Cooperative in the village of Bangiya near Zinder has been awarded funding to supply a new classroom with desks.  This project follows the successful implementation of a classroom construction project previously funded directly by individual members of FON in December 2020.  FON Board member Yari RABIOU has already delivered the funds for this project and visited the site while he was visiting in country in July 2021.  The grant will fund the purchase of 30 table-benches for the Bangiya elementary school.  (A video will be uploaded soon).

Sécurisation contre la chenille mineuse de l’épi du mil. Potentiel Terre ~ $4,855

Potentiel Terre will implement a program to breed and reintroduce an indigenous wasp that attacks millet boring insects.  The program will also provide training so that it can carry into the future with local people producing and distributing the wasps.  As many as 20,000 households hope to benefit from a reduction of crop loss in the commune of Mokko.

Vocational Training for School Dropouts, Incarcerated and Unemployed Youth. Centre de Formation des Artisans de Maradi ~ $5,000

The Centre de Formation des Artisans de Maradi is working with prison officials to provide youth training in various vocational programs.  A 13-month program will be delivered for up to 20 participants for approximately $350 each.  Training will include literacy, technical writing, basic accounting and entrepreneurship to the trainees.

In other project news –

A $10,000 grant to Kirker Foundation/Niger last year helped cover costs for ground transportation and delivery for a significant shipment of medical supplies.  As with previous shipments, the medicines and supplies were selected in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health to ensure they are used appropriately throughout Niger’s health care system, greatly expanding the capacity to meet the needs during the pandemic.  A video of the shipment being received in Zinder can be viewed at