Friends of Niger is announcing a Call for Applications to close March 15, 2022.  Thanks to our generous donors we are able to offer small grants to support local initiatives in Niger.  Grants will be awarded in spring and fall based on a competitive review process with the first cycle applications due by March 15 and the second cycle due date of September 1.  Please share this announcement with friends, contacts and interested parties.


Friends of Niger (FON) awards small grants to support projects that directly benefit the people of Niger.  Grants range between $500 and $5,000.  Funding for grants comes from donations of members and supporters of the Friends of Niger organization.

Applications for funding must be received by MARCH 15, 2022 for the first cycle and September 1, 2022 for the second cycle.  All eligible applications will compete for available funding, based on how well they score.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for emergency response are not being accepted at this time.

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Les Amis du Niger annoncent un appel à candidatures qui se terminera le 15 mars 2022.  Grâce à nos généreux donateurs, nous sommes en mesure d’offrir de petites subventions pour soutenir les initiatives locales au Niger.  Les subventions seront accordées au printemps et à l’automne selon un processus d’examen concurrentiel, les demandes du premier cycle devant être présentées d’ici le 15 mars et la date d’échéance du deuxième cycle étant le 1er septembre.  S’il vous plaît partager cette annonce avec des amis et les parties intéressées.


Les Amis du Niger (FON) accordent de petites subventions pour soutenir des projets qui profitent directement au peuple nigérien.  Les subventions varient entre 500 $ et 5 000 $.  Le financement des subventions provient des dons des membres et des sympathisants de l’organisation des Amis du Niger.

Pour l’année 2022, les demandes de financement doivent être reçues au plus tard le 15 mars 2022 pour le premier cycle, et au plus tard le 1er septembre 2022 pour le deuxième cycle. 

Nous vous invitons à consulter les renseignements à notre site internet :  Nous vous encourageons de communiquer cette information aux autres qui peuvent s’intéresser à soumettre une application pour un don de FON.

VEUILLEZ NOTER: Les demandes de secours d’urgence ne sont pas acceptées pour le moment.


Supplemental Training and outreach for millet miner biocontrol. cfa 1 454 000, Potentiel Terre

Based on initial outreach work, Potential Terre has revised their project to reintroduce bio-control (native wasps) for millet miner, a project initially funded by FON last year, to include more training and outreach.  Trainings are already underway and engage young women as well as young men.

Construction of a “semi-dure” classroom at the school in the village of Tchinwizni, Agadez region.  cfa2 676 500,   Assemblée des Formateurs et Animateurs des Associations (Association AFAA)

The school in the village of Tchinwizni serves more than forty students and 650 families.

This project will replace the temporary straw huts with reinforced adobe construction.  Benefits include safer and cleaner learning environment for students, less maintenance and upkeep required of parents, and reduced environmental impact of continually replacing straw/wood structures.

Landscape Restoration for Ecosystem Recovery.  $5,000, Amman Imman

At the request of villagers in Tatiste and Fak of the Northern Tahoua Region, a long term project is being launched to restore pasturelands, wetlands and forests.  FON funding will support critical baseline assessment work to identify existing conditions and guide development of alternatives for restoration.  The project, which has the potential to be an important model, will engage villagers, government agencies and other key partners.  The funding will leverage additional future investments and with that the potential for long term benefits.