Nigerien party !

July 1, 2023
Greensboro NC

The Nigerien diaspora are planning a night of music, dancing and culture July 1, starting at 6 p.m. The public is invited and the cost at the door is $25 per adult, children are free.
Entertainment includes musicians coming from Niger.
For more information please call 860-995-0033

Did you know Greensboro has the largest concentration of Nigeriens living in the US? The organizers of this event frame the purpose as follows:
This event is a unique and exciting event intended to celebrate Nigerien culture and reinforce ties among Nigeriens living in the US and in Niger.  This event will help Nigeriens living in the US find each other and promote Niger in the eyes of the world.
We are aware that many Nigerien children born in the United States are gradually adopting American culture and moving away from their own culture, due to lack of exposure to the beauty , cohesion and deep history of the culture Nigerien . This event will help to strengthen this affection and attract young generations to Nigerien culture, encouraging them to learn more about their country of origin and contribute to its development.

Any FON members who would like to get together the Sunday morning after, please contact