A Unique Opportunity To Help A Worthy Niamey School

The April 2010 Issue of the Camel Express Showcased the Hampaté Bâ Middle School Competition to Win GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge.

Now It’s Up to Us!

Les Amis de Hampaté Bâ, the non profit supporting the Amadou Hampaté Bâ school in Niamey, has been selected to participate in the Global Giving Challenge for September 2010. During the month of September, the association needs to prove that it can raise funds, and if it succeeds, it will have the privilege of appearing permanently on theGlobalGiving web site, providing continual revenues from International donors and benefiting US donors on their tax returns.

Collège Amadou Hampaté Bâ is a private, coeducational, non-denominational secondary school in a popular neighborhood in Niamey called Dar-es-Salam. The school has a bottom-up professional development approach and a process of self-transformation to a progressive teaching/learning experience within a supportive, happy school atmosphere.

Now it is up to us all to help out with the challenge! Here are some important guidelines: Each of us needs to find about 10 people who are willing to give at least 10 dollars each. The challenge consists of raising a minimum of 4000 US dollars in one month (September 2010), which means the association needs to aim for at least 200 donors if each donor gives between 10 and 20 dollars.

The donations for the “Les Amis de Hampaté Bâ” project must be submitted by Internet on GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge page between Sept 1st and Sept 30th.

This is a fabulous way for us to raise money for the Amadou Hampaté Bâ Middle School and at the same time help the association gain international recognition.

So, get ready and set to go! All it will take is a few clicks on the computer. Start thinking of family or friends who would be willing to help out with this kind gesture that could make such a difference in the life of secondary students in Niger by giving them equal access to affordable, quality secondary education. Just go to GlobalGiving and search for “Niger.”

Full URLs:

GlobalGiving Open Challenge Page

Les Amis de Hampaté Bâ

Collège Amadou Hampaté Bâ